Micro Erosion has kept the same priority for over fifteen years ; to design and develop complex mechanical parts to extremely tight tolerances in terms of dimensions and geometry. They have worked for the most demanding sectors of industry such as the medical and watchmaking areas and also fields such as connecting, energy, automotive and luxury products.

While Micro Erosion’s main activity remains the development of prototypes, they have invested in equipment that has considerably automated machining processes such as wire erosion and high-speed milling, using digitally-controlled robotics. They are now equipped to produce from small to large series.

Micro Erosion deals with a wide range of raw materials such as steel, stainless steel, titanium and polymers such as P.E.E.K. They possess ultra-efficient hi-tech machining techniques to cater for all types of projects and have a highly experienced and competent work force. This expertise is coupled with an in-house R&D department which significantly widens the company’s ability to find solutions for even the most demanding clients.

They also have invaluable experience in the treatment techniques of different materials, so they can give advice and deal with any necessary surface treatments through their subcontractors.

They possess digitally-controlled equipment able to machine all types of materials from titanium to polymers and including carbides, tungsten, aliminium, steel and stainless steel.

Micro Erosion manufacture sub-assemblies and high-precision machines that can be integrated into other existing machines and assembly platforms found in many different industries. They have total control over all the different phases of production including milling, precision grinding, wire erosion, die-sinking and turning.

Furthermore, the highest quality of  their finished products is ensured by the use of  cutting-edge 3D measuring equipment.