Micro Erosion has a total command of the creation of extremely tiny parts. Their considerable expertise comes to light when clients and collaborators need parts requiring utmost care, rigour and attention. These miniature creations are painstakingly developed and then strictly controlled throughout production whether the raw materials be relatively tender or extremely hard.

The fundamental processes involved in the production of miniature parts are as follows :
deburring, polishing, milling, drilling, threading, precision-grinding, turning, machining of hard materials, spark erosion (oil/water tanks), fully automated feeder systems for E.D.M., die-sinking, high-speed milling…etc.
There is a fully-equipped workshop which can cater for finished individual parts, the assembly of individual parts, the cutting, folding, cambering of parts and the production of either a single prototype or a large series.


Micro Erosion is capable of machining hard plastics such as P.E.E.K to strict tolerances and produce parts needed by fields such as medical and connecting, thanks to its property of being an excellent insulator. Another material of this type is P.O.M.
The knowledge acquired over the years by Alain Laude and his collaborators now allows the company to develop high-precision moulds for plastic injection. The In-house R&D department can design all the necessary tools needed to integrate into a client’s existing assembly platform. These systems are tried and tested before they are installed and then carefully monitored during trials on the client’s premises.

Over the last few years, the demand for high-precision parts in the field of aeronautics has significantly increased.

“We are often called upon to foresee a client’s requirements and we also share our competencies to find solutions for clients who lack expertise in certain fields . This is the value we can add to projects.”